Replica Hermes jewelry Girls op woman who brought pearls will be more beautiful

Replica Hermes jewelry Girls op woman who brought pearls will be more beautiful

Girls I fear I can’t handle the beauty of pearls, older women are very sensitive to bad match ten years older! Age never actually focused on, how to mix the most beautiful is the crux of the matter.

Girl cheats

Girls rule 1: clean earrings heart ride
Fresh small earrings are the Pearl preferred girls, their style, simple but pretty wild, whether it be jeans or small dress can easily manage. If you want to add, you can choose some style with unique design elements, cute animals, bow shape Pearl Earrings is definitely cute girl love.

Replica Hermes jewelry

Girls rule 2: Pearl stacked doubles take fashion
Young girls always bothered routine, stereotyped jewelry, Pearl stack set definitely suits them the best way. Slightly smaller in diameter Pearl long necklace paired with large short necklace can make the body more clearly, adding different colors of Pearl stacked set is to let this law upgraded the perfect weapon.

Girls rule 3: ultimate secret metal mix
The tested skills but also the most stylish trendiness, added metal pearls for you! Pearl Jewelry of the mix of different materials to fusion different tastes, wants tough little gold, want to add Lady diamond, ever-changing style depends on you to take.

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MILF cheats

MILF charm 1: complete match can’t be wrong
There’s no need to worry about choice, Pearl sets all wear, this method quite satisfactory, but very good, excellent temperament, is never the fault of matching tips. If you want to build on this unique, you can choose a unique design brooch to adorn.

MILF glamour 2: long pearl necklaces in a knot
Tie a knot in a long necklace clasp, just a small action can break the entire outfit of dreary, increased sense of free movement. At the dinner, you can also try to knot pearl necklaces on matching Halter show as sexy milf does not.

MILF charm 3: most hard wearing multi layer Pearl Necklace
The cheats are demonstrating the magic of temperament and charm, and only women can drive, it is multi-Pearl necklace, no difficult to match, but very high requirements on the wearer’s own, must have a slender slender necks, upright posture. Therefore, Cougar improve matching skills of colleagues body shape is also crucial.

replica Hermes bracelets Auction number you know pigeon blood red

replica Hermes bracelets Auction number you know pigeon blood red

From the long text description, you never really know about pigeon blood red? Never mind, BAZAAR Jewelry this time letting the data speak! Three questions about pigeon blood red hot, intuitive data analysis, read them, who still dare to say you don’t know Red?

Burmese pigeon blood Ruby necklace, Bulgari. November 26, 2013 at Christie’s Hong Kong autumn auction, sold for: $ 29,240,000

Myanmar Graff8.62 carat pigeon blood ruby ring
November 12, 2014 Sotheby’s autumn auction in Geneva
Valuation: 6,500,000~8,560,000 Swiss franc
Price: 8,285,000 CHF
(About RMB 52,564,000)
Clarke price: about RMB6,098,000
How Red is called pigeon blood red?
Editorial reviews: this authentic Burmese pigeon blood Ruby–Graff Ruby is a rare sharp on the field, and pigeon blood red with SSEF certification. And this really beautiful should not be compared to the pigeon blood Ruby, another the same originating in Myanmar, 10.74 CT natural Ruby was completely without heat treatment PK, clear color with purple tones, no pure Graff Ruby. Although weight higher and even reach more than 10 carats, but neither sold nor the carat unit price less than one-fiftieth of the Graff Ruby!

Cartier 10.1-carat cushion-shaped Burma
Pigeon blood Ruby and diamond brooch
November 25, 2014 at Christie’s Hong Kong autumn auction
Estimate: HK $ 20,000,000~30,000,000
Price: $ 65,080,000
(About RMB52,578,000)
Clarke price: approximately RMB 5,205,000

replica Hermes bracelets3
2014 Christie
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Pigeon blood red auction auction house data
Average price: 14,500,090 Hong Kong dollars (about RMB 11,714,000)
2~3 carats average carat price: approximately RMB 366,000
10 carats average carat price: approximately RMB 5,205,00
Editorial reviews: by 2014 year Christie’s auction house as an example, taken on the lowest price of all item pigeon blood Ruby for an arc of Ruby Earrings, ring set, sold more than 500,000 yuan, the highest 10.1 Carat pigeon blood rubies in Myanmar from Cartier brooch, lots were sold to more than 50 million Yuan, has become in recent years the Supreme of pigeon blood red. 11 pieces of pigeon blood Ruby sold more than 10 million Yuan on average, with one main item of stone 2 carats the largest proportion, average carat price exceeded 360,000.

10.74 Carat Burmese ruby ring
The November 12, 2014
Sotheby’s autumn auction in Geneva
Valuation: 19,500 ~39,000
Swiss franc
Price: 161,000 Swiss francs (about RMB 1,021,000)
Clarke price: about RMB95,000
Pigeon blood-how many?
Editorial reviews: the pigeon blood Ruby is one of the most popular gems on the auction, but its appearance high frequencies far from Emerald, diamond, because its own production is very rare, can be determined much as pigeon blood red Ruby. Statistics found that Christie’s pigeon blood Ruby appears the most times, almost 10 per cent a year, another large pigeon blood red to multicolored poly Hong Kong auction featured auctions, pigeon blood Ruby items reached 21. Of course, the pigeon blood Ruby’s judgment with the auction house’s own standards are related, for example, Sotheby’s auction house in addition to famous GraffRuby, and others are not is pigeon blood red Ruby evaluation and description.

Replica Hermes bracelets Three famous origin of crossing the Equator Pearl

Replica Hermes bracelets Three famous origin of crossing the Equator Pearl

“After the Pearl” South Sea Pearl
If you love pearls, must know all pearls South Sea Pearl is the most valuable species! Follow BAZAARJewelry to know what is the South Sea Pearl!
Natural OR cultured differences
Natural Pearl:
Without any artificial cultivated pearls, is fishing in the waters of human mother picks up a treasure, a very rare and often lustrous cultured pearls than smooth and shining. Real pearls are mostly appear in antique jewelry, because the Pearl farming conditions are not mature, far less stable today.

Cultured Pearl base
Cultured pearls:
See the pearls are cultured pearls from near 99.9%, regardless of sea pearls and freshwater pearls, no matter where from, mostly in natural pearls form in conditions similar to those of the product based on the same principle of artificially propagated. Principle, or whether components are identical to the natural pearls.
Only come from the water, without any artificial cultivated pearls that can be called “natural Pearl”, not on the certificate of identification for all “natural” words are cultured pearls.

Jewelmer Golden South Sea Pearl diamond bracelet
Top Pearl is the South Sea Pearl
South Sea Pearl is the largest all round pearls. The most common 9-14mm of South Sea Pearl, 14mm South Sea Pearl will look with a dime coin the same size (diameter of the dime coin 18mm) and prices significantly higher than average size of South Sea Pearl. Color: white, silver, gold and black. Golden South Sea Pearl is extremely valuable.
Replica Hermes bracelets2

What is South Sea Pearl?
Most common South Sea Pearl has three colors: white, gold and black. Produced by a special large-scale Butterfly Bell.
White South Sea Pearl Bai Diebei production, usually with white background with pink and gold color with Pearl for the top grade.
Gold lip shell produces Golden South Sea Pearl, also referred to as Jin Zhu, to Golden pure noise-free for the top grade.
Black lip shell the produced black South Sea Pearl, also known as blackball, black background with Malachite Green with the pearls are the best choice.
Nanyang what Ocean?
The so-called “Southeast Asia” generally refers to the South Pacific, produced in the Pearl of the South Pacific are referred to as South Sea Pearl. White South Sea Pearl is mainly concentrated in Australia near the waters of the South Pacific, Golden South Sea Pearl is concentrated in the Pacific Ocean in the southern Philippines, while black South Sea Pearl is concentrated in Tahiti, also called Tahitian black pearls.
Stop2, Japan

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Akoya demanding perfect
One Japan old man lasted decades in 1893, produced the first semi-circle seawater cultured pearl, opened the Japan National Pearl of epoch. Unravel the mysteries of Akoya pearls with BAZAAR Jewelry.

Senior jewelry Mikimoto Mikimoto Akoya pearl necklace
Mysterious Akoya from?
Japan Akoya pearls from a called “Ma Bell” oysters, mainly in Japan and a male oriented, Ehime Prefecture, in the vicinity of the Seto Inland Sea, is a kind of saltwater pearls. Akoya pearl Chinese output, producing mainly produced in Guangxi and Guangdong. There are also claims: pearl farming technology to China after many years of practice by the middle of the last century the Japanese invention. Ma babe species was introduced from Beihai, Guangxi last breeding of the Mahalanobis wild shellfish, so a lot of people think that Akoya pearls and South Sea pearls are produced by the same varieties in China.

Tasaki Tasi beautiful Akoya pearl Crown
What kind of pearls called Akoya?
Translucent quality Akoya pearls, gives a soft, hazy beauty, body color with red, green, purple, Brown, black, and other colors, diameter to 3-5mm most 8mm is scarce, are more suitable for investment Collections. Forms are generally round, is also the most ideal shape Pearl. Best round pearls can be used in inclined plane of uniform rolling freely.

Feiliu temptation series Akoya pearl Stud Earrings
3 Pearl nucleus
1. Pearl nucleus is?
Under artificial breeding process, requires foreign stimulates secretion of Mussel Pearl quality, therefore artificial implant Pearl clam body outside the nucleus to form Pearl Pearl quality.
2. What are the Pearl nuclei?
All saltwater pearls are nucleated Pearl clam implanted prior round mother of Pearl or other substance used to stimulate secretion of Mussel Pearl quality.
3. a nuclear nuclear-free distinction?
Seedless pearls freshwater pearls, is implanted in clam clam soft tissues to stimulate the secretion of Pearl quality, freshwater zhenzhuzhu thick, thin and the water zhenzhuzhu. Pearl powder is used, such as brightness, is bad, not as a freshwater pearl jewelry processing rolled into a powder. Seawater Pearl because of the nuclear, so rolled in addition to Pearl quality mother of Pearl powder, it is generally not used to make tapioca.
Stop3, Zhuji, Zhejiang

Gentle pride of China freshwater pearls
Pearl’s most representative of Chinese woman’s gentle, freshwater pearls are not only favorite of the first lady, even more friends as gifts the world’s treasures. 95% of the world’s freshwater pearls are produced in China, about 2000 tons of annual production, is the pride of Chinese people and proud of it!
What exactly is fresh water?
Freshwater lakes here, in Lake Pearl output is called “freshwater”. China is the world’s largest exporter of fresh water pearls, exit 95% of the world’s freshwater pearls. Zhuji, Zhejiang, China has “Township of the Chinese freshwater pearls” in the world, is home to one of China’s five major beauty Xi Shi. In addition, Wuhu and xuancheng, Anhui, Jiangsu wuxian also has Freshwater Pearl output. At present, the use of fresh water pearls of hyriopsis cumingii, almost as long as there is a Lake can be cultured freshwater pearls.

Ruans Pearl Ruan Shi Sheng series tri-colored Freshwater Pearl brooch
Colorful is the fresh water Pearl
Freshwater pearls are usually 9-10MM are more common and can be up to 15-17mm, of course, so large and extremely valuable.
Though not as good as seawater pearls round very large, oval or irregularly-shaped, though in the colors of colored Freshwater Pearl, pink, purple, very popular with Chinese women’s favorite. Production, and so is a Pearl of most people.

Ruans Pearl Ruan Shi Queen’s Garden series Pearl Necklace
Pearl you choose?
–Look in a mirror gloss
With pearls at her face, if fully reflects your face tells of a Pearl of Pearl high brightness, and look carefully at the surface is pitted or fold.
Go–see the color of the Pearl
Rotating pearls will show different colors as the light changes, white pearls to bring better pink iridescence, black pearls with a sea of green, purple or blue iridescence of the most popular.
Roll the Pearl–see the roundness
No inclined plane, uniform pearls can freely scroll Pearl roundness good.
Pearl maintenance must know the sticker
Pearl Jewelry is the most vulnerable, hardness and acid and alkaline are very weak, and therefore must be carefully protected.
1. anti-hard scratch: Pearl is soft, it is prone to scratches.
2. far from cosmetics and oil: Pearl is a calcium carbonate, so most afraid of oily cosmetics adhesion and corrosion.
3. bathe, swim must be picked: calcium carbonate acid will corrode, so be careful.
4. dry cloth: pick a day when wipe clean with a dry cloth and then put in your jewelry box, avoiding sweat corrosion.

Replica Hermes jewelry Strong woman who does not know Pearl

Replica Hermes jewelry Strong woman who does not know Pearl
Only strong women, not women! You must have found, all strong women: such as first ladies, women diplomats, United Kingdom Queen and her daughter-in-law and grandchildren daughter-in-law, may not be the highest face value nor angular face and slender and straight legs, but they frequently appeared in the public eye forever can match most taste conquer the critical eye of the onlookers!

Replica Hermes jewelry7

Chinese Peng of the first lady wearing pearls appear in a variety of diplomatic

Feiliu temptation series Akoya pearl earrings

Peng, mother’s love is a Pearl

The Chinese first lady appeared in elegant match attracts the reader’s attention. Chinese dress combination is as simple and yet elegant noble, it shows the largest developing country growth rapid style of guomu, are by Internet users is affectionately known as “Mr MOM”, and folk dress is once again started to imitate the first lady’s national climatic. Read mother Pang to attend important functions, access photos all over the world, it is not difficult to find, sometimes with a simple Pearl Earring matching tailored dress or dress and matching coat styling and elegant Pearl brooch, her favorite jewel is the Pearl that best embodies traditional Chinese civilization!

United States first lady Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama wears pearls grace and elegant

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Mrs Obama is Pearl-control

As the United States ‘ first Black President’s wife Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama is naturally cause for concern. Black families from civilians admitted to Ivy League law school, to be United States’s top law firms to hire, to the United States the first lady, Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama arguably the United States historically black female success stories. Western media of her self-esteem, self-respect, independence, self-reliance, self-confidence, and not only that, but in terms of dressing mix, she is the achievements of the United States first ladies and fashion model. Who said dark skin don’t wear pearls? Michel Obama love pearls, and who are wearing brightly white pearls, and her bright smile complement each other.

The Iron Lady “Lady Thacher playing forever without pearls

Lady Thacher not without pearls

Known as “Iron Lady” Lady Thacher is worthy of the name “Queen of pearls”. The United Kingdom first and to date only female Prime Minister, has successfully United Kingdom get rid of since in the 1970 of the 20th century’s economic woes, with overall economic reforms to save the United Kingdom. And she often appeared, always a powerful aura and refined temperament attracted the praise. In her thousands of old photographs, appearance rate of more than 90% Pearl Jewelry, and her love for Pearl Bell is widely praised by the general public.

Familiar with Lady Thacher’s ladies are wearing pearl funeral

Lady Thacher’s “Pearl funeral” that nearly half a century the British witnessed the third most grand funeral, United Kingdom’s Queen Elizabeth II and Lady Thatcher’s daughter-in-law to the girls wear pearls to pay tribute to the “Queen of pearls”.

Replica Hermes jewelry Every tourmalines are Rare and beautiful

Replica Hermes jewelry Every tourmalines are Rare and beautiful
Hans Stern old man life collection of tourmalines, they are his most fun toys, is his lifelong love, included tourmalines are rare and beautiful, like life-like existence, stringing his legendary treasure life.

Hans Stern’s tourmaline collection occupies the Museum’s most prominent location

Rare powder orange color
Represent the gem Tourmaline in Sinhala means, imagine seeing jewel in Sri Lanka called tourmaline. Earliest records of tourmaline in the 18th century, before that people also dig tourmaline naturally, only that they were mistaken for other stones. 1777 Sweden King Gustav III visited Russia, passing to Catherine’s niece to marry him. A gesture of goodwill he gave Russia a giant Ruby Queen, known as Caesar’s Ruby. Later it was discovered that in fact, this so-called rubies are tourmaline, but Gustav didn’t talk Russia into marriage. Let alone the King, even an experienced gem dealer may also admit their mistakes. Mr Hans Stern’s then when you buy the pinkish Orange tourmaline, jewels are marked Imperial Topaz. Although Mr Stern at a glance this is only tourmaline, didn’t come out to brokers, also is bought at high prices, in order to get a different colors of tourmaline. Is the so-called good is priceless!

Yellow shades of green tourmaline
Branch of the tourmaline family is jewel in the most, from the Rainbow is a piece of cake. A wide variety of chemical structures, in addition to the Crystal structure is the same, but remaining in common only containing silica and boron ions, so everyone in the gem trade to use color to distinguish them. Gem quality tourmaline has five categories, the largest of which classification is a lithium-tourmaline. Li-tourmalines were first in Italy found on Elba, Napoleon is exiled to the island for the first time, so it’s English name is Elbaite. Lithium most common color is green tourmaline, often being mistaken for emeralds. If you see a stone be marked as Brazil emeralds, that in all likelihood is actually green lithium-tourmaline. Now when it comes to the Museum which originated in Brazil Santa Rosa mineral lithium green tourmaline. If you think the green tourmaline is not rare, and green with yellow tourmalines was unusual in recent 45 years in Santa Rosa mine never find the same colors of tourmaline.
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Earl kangda mine green tourmaline
This green tourmaline seem unprepossessing, but in fact it comes from the famous Earl tat in the first tourmaline. The Earl tat is not India that the legendary diamond mine, is located in Brazil’s Minas Gerais State. Said Minas Gerais mines that is famous, its popularity with South Africa Kimberley par and mogok in Burma. A jewel more than anything and origin, written from eerkangda, the value immediately to improve a lot. People often eerkangda mine in Minas Gerais, called “tourmaline ore eerkangda” can be seen here of tourmaline are fine products, their charming characteristic is that of blue-green color. Eerkangda mine already closed, looking for tourmaline from there is a luck spell work.

The most rare color Paraíba
Most collectors in all varieties of tourmaline heart is undoubtedly the Paraíba Ba Bixi. In expensive jewelry often can see its shadow, its value as much as the Ruby and Sapphire. Paraíba Ba Bixi is unique because its chemical composition containing copper ions, so it has a candy-like bright colors. Paraiba tourmalines are produced in blue, green, purple and pink, neon blue most valuable. H.Stern Museum of gems of the teardrop-shaped half Paraíba Ba Bixi is the classic neon blue, and the other half is bright color purple. Distinct boundaries between the two, in the words of the Museum’s own description is “Caribbean salt Elizabeth Taylor eyes.” Double color Paraíba Ba Bixi is not super rare, but so bright saturated colors on both sides is absolutely unique. Highly sought after outside of color pleasing, Paraíba, Ba Bixi, another reason is that mines of Paraiba region now has almost been hollowed out, finite natural resources would increase.

Replica Hermes jewelry
Favorite watermelon tourmaline
Eduard Josef g ü Belin, the famous jewels once said: “If a collector as a collection of various colors of tourmaline goals, he will find that life will also have enough time come up with the millions of colors of tourmaline mineral. “You must be wondering how old Hans Stern began this Mission Impossible. This brightly colored watermelon tourmaline is no return he pulled the “culprit”, is one of his most cherished tourmaline. Lithium tourmaline watermelon tourmaline belongs to one of the members of the tourmaline family is the most special. It has a ring of green outside, while the inside is pink, looks just like watermelon. Can really reach the level of watermelon tourmaline are few and far between, and absolutely contain inclusions. God is fair, is giving its most wondrous shapes and leave so little regret.

Tri-color beauty rare
Mineral color thousands of Poles color gems most lamented nature’s magic. Bipolar dual-color as the name suggests is a gem with two different colors, that is ore in the forming process of ore-forming fluids changed, making mineral has long mixed in the other ion. Growing conditions so unstable, it’s no wonder most of the full bi-color tourmaline inclusions. Bi-color tourmaline most common color combination is red and green and red from pink to purple, green, reaching to greenish-blue. In order to display the bi-color tourmaline unique in color, they are often cut into a rectangle, just a color. Rarer than the bi-color tourmaline, that nature is tri-color tourmaline. Principle of tri-color tourmaline with color, just a mix of gradient. This tri-color tourmaline gems Museum in the transition from purple to pink, then become dark green, strange color shift, but is rarely seen.

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