Cartier Tank Yellow Gold Black Leather Band Mens Watches

 Movement: High Quality Quartz Movement
Functions: Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Displays date at 6 o’clock position
Case Material: Full Stainless Steel construction (18K Yellow Gold)
Dial: Silver dial with Black Roman numerals, Sword Shaped Blue Hands
Dial Window Material Type: High Quality Scratch Resistant Mineral Crystal
Bezel (Material/Function): Fixed
Crown: Octagonal Crown Set With a Diamond
Band: Black Genuine Leather Band
Clasp: Hidden Folding Clasp
Water Resistant
All the appropriate Cartier Tank Americaine markings, logos and engravings in all the appropriate places
Warranty: Warranty service for this watch will be offered through Each watch has a 60 days warranty.

Cartier tank watches

Cartier tank

By September 2013, this watch has not been officially launched, the SIHH show in January 2013 and it also didn’t show up. This means last June when we appeared at the Cartier Tank series press conference, we were the first people who see them, maybe now you are also the first people who see them here.

Since 1918, Cartier has created plenty of Tank series watch, but movement is usuallypurchased used at the time. This is Cartier‘s practice, whether movement is from theproduct home, EWC, a count, Abby, or ETA, undeniably Tank design elegance. Although 2012 Cartier has launched a Tank carrying MC movement Anglaise, but here you can see the table will become a Tank‘s collection of classic.

Inset of the small seconds at 6 o’clock and the calendar window at the 3 o’clock position
Tank MC is not modified or tribute to the early works of tablesit is a modern version of the Tank, with dimensions of the modern and contemporary movement. In size 44×34 mm (seems not so much) is that in case of excellent Caliber 1904 Cartier movement. Small seconds at 6 o’clock you can see inset calendar window at the 3 o’clock position, as arranged in Calibre de Cartier timepiece.
Face plate design, as always, well, put it on the handle is also very good
Face plate design, as always, well, wearing it the handle is also very good. As I mentioned earlier, this is a new generation Tank table fan to create the new style. It has no traditional TANK fans like thin casing and manualwinding movement, but it is no doubt very Cartier.
Watches are slightly curved to fit a wrist
Slightly curved to fit a wrist watch, large case is not a problem. The way you can seeit on my wrist. Cartier also provides some interesting, different color straps. This is asmall detail, but I loved it. I very much believe in the magic of transformation brought about by the strap, see Cartier think so very exciting.
Here you can see an automatic winding movement finished, I like the brand on theirhandling the Geneva stripes and polishing.
Grind Geneva stripes
Now, we‘ll look at details. Tank MC stainless steel and rose gold editions only two. Stainlesssteel version sells for $ 6,600, and very reasonable prices. Rose Gold versionis expected to price at $ 25,000. There are many different sides and strap are available, but now we have can go to the store, they figure.

Cartier Panthere Stainless Steel Ladies Watches

Movement: Reliable Quartz Movement
Functions: Hours, Minutes
Case Material: Solid Stainless Steel
Dial: Roman Numeral Silver Dial, Sword Shaped Hands
Dial Window Material Type: High Quality Scratch Resistant Mineral Crystal
Bezel (Material/Function): Fixed
Crown: Full Stainless Steel octagonal crown set with a diamond
Band: Solid Stainless Steel Bracelet with Unique Cartier Double locking hiding clasp
Water Resistant
All the appropriate Cartier Panthere markings, logos and engravings in all the appropriate places
Warranty: Warranty service for this watch will be offered through immobiliarelavela. Each watch has a 60 days warranty.

Cartier extension style, highlighting the excellent quality, the Grand launchof new Haute Horlogerie masterpiece Hypnose watches. Dazzling diamond clusteroval case, gorgeous interpretation of soft and delicate and Cartier style.Dazzling charm is its source. This jewelShi Jizhen bloom of pure whitelight, and inlaid diamond embellished fancy oval case, the magnificent bears witness to the circulation of Sun and moon.

Hypnose watches, large, 18K white gold, dial and bezel set round brilliantcut diamonds, black lacquer, crocodile leather strap, quartz movement. Smart depth and illusion really … … Cartier uses unique jewelry and craft,patchwork contrast black lacquer with diamond. Oval double-loop soft overlappermanent guarding the golden years.

Rotonde de Cartier Black Dial Black Leather Tourbillon Mens Watches

Rotonde de Cartier Black Dial Black Leather Tourbillon Mens Watches

Movement: Self-winding automatic movement
Functions: Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Day, Date
Case Material: Solid stainless steel construction, resulting in a heavy weight/feel
Case Back: transparent case back
Case Diameter: 43mm
Dial Color: Black Dial
Dial Markers: Four steel Roman numeral markers
Hands: Sword-shaped steel hands
Subdial: Three subdials of day, date, and Tourbillon
Crystal: High quality scratch resistant mineral crystal
Bezel: Fixed stainless steel bezel
Crown: Fluted stainless steel crown set with a sapphire cabochon
Band: Black leather strap
Clasp: Hidden deployment buckle
Water Resistant
Rotonde de Cartier watches markings, logos and engravings in all the appropriate places.

2014 senior Hong Kong W&W launch of the Rotonde de Cartier watches show BigDate Retrograde 2nd Timezone Day and Night, completely demonstrated excellentcreativity, there isn’t a two time zones can look so refined and elegant,second time zone, with the small size of the retrograde indicators, elephantinvisible extreme tension of design that make this watch dual time zone tablemodel.

Featured watches: Cartier-ROTONDE DE CARTIER retrograde indicate dual timezone clock display a big calendar watch.

Recommended reasons: the Central float display Chronograph, Tourbillon,Astro r é gulateur object a constant Center of gravity devices, smallcomplex what‘s new experience Reference price: RMB68,000

CARTIER Cartier 1904MC movement based, launched homemade retrograde dual time zone watches day and night, its retrograde second time zone display makes the whole atmosphere is completely different from the table any commercially available tables, very low profile but complex feature is its characteristic appearance accompanied by highly symbolic Rotonde de Cartier design, it became the unique voice of the Cartier Watch market. 2014 senior Hong Kong W&W launch of the Rotonde de Cartier watches show Big Date Retrograde 2nd Timezone Day &Night, completely demonstrated excellent creativity, there isn’t a two time zones can look so refined and elegant, second time zone, with the small size of the retrograde indicators, elephant invisible extreme tension of design that make this watch dual time zone table model.

This paragraph table has Rotonde of has always features, seems simple of round table shell in Ben Zhang of table Crown foil Xia, show out publicity of domineering, but relative slim of thickness is and let it conservative self-sustaining, more block more level surface disc is it of features, is and table shell design most with conflict sex of traits, sliding Shun of outside profile line is distribution Shang rugged difficult flat of surface disc, designer to in two species world in made balance of intent very obviously.


Large calendar retrograde dual time zone watch used by the movement known as1904-FU day and night MC, is made movement 1904MC with a retrograde dualtime zones and day/night display and large Calendar window module results,FU in the movement is the abbreviation of Fuseaux are French, time zonemeans. This movement of the calendar and display very distinctive, largedate window use the largest area, followed by day and night display, and asretrograde home that featured complex functionality, under the cover of thelarge Calendar window structure. 1904MC the double-barrel design is intendedto promote the complex module, this function set complement each other underthe table.
Has the same shafts on its Crown, was another person take pity on design,classic low-key is the spirit, the home time to adjust, per click, fan-shaped blocks in a second time zone hour hand jumps forward one space, andsynchronize with it, and pointer day and night. On the face plate, bothindicators were specially irregular blocks and Windows, in fact it can becut symmetrically and neatly, and can see that it looks from within thedesign intent.
Included is stainless steel, in addition to more expensive gas 18K rose goldlimited18K white gold. If only Cartier proudmade movement, then stainless steel the most charismatic; but if you want texture points, precious metalsand of course is a very good choice. This meter stereo face plate designoften allows people to inadvertently miss the unique sense of design, itsface plate must be examined from different angles, can be sufficient to feelFrench classical design of princes.

Cartier love fate and happiness accompany love life slowly

In a world where love, countless people do kind of love, is of the sametireless pursuit of love and longing for happiness. Is instantaneous? Iseternal? Moments turned into long years is it? Love origin edge falls, thefeeling of endless, in this love filled day, gently open the red box of themoment, fate and happiness come slowly.

Cartier‘s new Cl series e de Cartier men‘s watch black leather strap, 40 mmwatch 18K white gold.

Cartier’s new Cl e de Cartier family female form, glossy pink leather strap, 31 mm watches, 18K rhodium plated white gold leather strap, diamonds

Cartier love fate and happiness accompany love life slowly
Cl e de Cartier wristwatch, 40 mm watch, 18K rose gold and steel

Cartier love fate and happiness accompany love life slowly
Cl e de Cartier wristwatch, 35 mm watch, 18K rose gold and steel
Love at first sight, the origin Cl e
Cl e taken from the French “keys” meaning, gently rotate the Crown resembles a key and pointer clicks rotate blue steel, have periodically whispering happiness, open the fate of “the most wonderful time.”

In the history of love, total and a Cartier diamond hot love are inextricably linked. From the Duchess of Windsor, Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco, from royalty to celebrities, Cartier diamond Halo around, love is like a diamond-like enduring tough, always say “death deed in width, and sexual gratification; hold your hand, and son” of romantic love.

Love is like Fireworks and flowers to life after, leaving more to do it witha mixed blend of family friendship. Cartier classic LOVE series, uniquedouble ring buckle design and wearing way to hug loved ones closer together;and the threering attached to the Trinity woven the passions of the mostprecious in the world, chanting a life of happiness and fulfilment. Fadedglitz, away from the noise, only to discover that: there is the longest loveconfession.

Analysis CARTIER sales in China-60%

Cartier‘s relatively young consumer group caused by the corner graduallyrevealed, in recent days, according to foreign media reports, 2012 estimatedhigh-end Watches Cartier County sales peak has fallen 60%, insufficientconsumption of men is one of the reasons.
According to Reuters, December 9 in Chinese, Cartier in terms ofconsolidated sales, the world‘s largest jewellery and watch brands, itsparent company, Switzerland Richemont contribution to Group profits of overtwo-thirds. But Cartier‘s jewelry sales for the same time, watch sales fellsharply.
Reports that some analysts estimate that the high-end watch market inmainland China than in 2012 peaks have slipped 60%.
As with other high-end watch brands Cartier facing Hong Kong, mainlandChina, Russia and the United States and other major markets declining demandsituation. But in addition, Cartier also face some problems unique to thebrand.
Cartier executives have publicly admitted, Cartier consumers too young,mainly women aged 25 to 35 years old. People in the industry told the Chinaeconomic net reporter, is a group of relatively young consumer group behindfashion female white-collar workers, which pulled down the entire brand‘spremium image, Cartier‘s male-oriented consumer sales dilemma unanswered.
Next month will take over for Cartier CEO Cyrille Vigneron, improvement ofCartier in the Chinese market as the watchmaker‘s brand image, may be themost important. China wealthy women have a soft spot for Cartier watches,but prefer male customers such as Rolex, Patek Philippe and VacheronConstantin pure watch brands.
Cartier‘s lack of innovation cannot evade their question, Vigneron needfocused attention.
Consumers upgrade, consumers may need some more high-end, niche, especiallyin the field of jewellery, watches and designer brands, custom branding will be even more sought after by Chinese consumers. Cartier has been the mainpush it sells some of the best common practice the so-called classic, such as watches are mostly blue balloons. As consumers upgrade, consumers slowlyis not content with the consumption of these products, or even that theseproducts will be for identity is decline, because they are too common.
Journalists visited Cartier‘s Beijing store, Cartier Watch dealer shop, theclerk said, sales have been unable to get on, the most popular table is blueballoon series, and didn’t think the anti-corruption cause much impact onperformance can be invoiced according to consumer demand.
Another factor that leads to decline in Cartier‘s high-end brand image isthat imitation goods, this also with the LV are very similar.
To Cartier, General, all metal, imitation goods in the market a lot, greatlyaffect the brand image.
To Foshan daily newspaper reported in September, for example, reported that,according to Alibaba group, Department of Homeland Security to provideclues, the police broke one of Dongguan, Foshan and other network sellingcounterfeit Cartier and other brand-name jewelry chain, seized counterfeitjewelry finished more than 8,000 pieces of original estimate worth 90million Yuan.
People familiar with the network reporters to the Chinese economy, theluxury goods merchants purchasing channels are not the same, even luxury goods industry is difficult to visually identify fake, not to mention thoseconsumers.
Cartier fakes seriously affects its brand image, also created chaos in themarket. This person said.
In addition, outside criticism is the level of service, product quality,according to the China economic net reporter roughly uniform found, Cartierby quality and service issues by the media exposure as much as eight times.
In many events, in March of this year, Jiangsu radio and television reportentitled a 220,000 buy Cartier Watch wear didn’t go around.
It is reported that consumers buy Cartier watches to wear for more than fourmonths appeared to stop walking, Cartier for this issue watch once repairis still unavailable. Zhang sought to return, but rejected by the Cartier.
Cartier‘s status in China, told reporters more than consumers, in additionto the increase in brand popularity, imitation, but service and qualityimprovements are urgently required.

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