What is enamel jewelry

What is enamel jewelry


Enamel jewelry is jewelry made with enamel technology. Enamel is a covered in metal (jewelry using precious metals usually) surface of glassy materials. Enamel processing uranium is colored according to the needs of people, fired into a certain pattern.Effect is similar to the color of porcelain products. On use in jewelry, is to strike a similar to the jewellike effect. Enamel technology in our country is world famous. Beijing‘s products is one of the masterpieces of foreign countries have enamel technology. Often called Yi Qi Bao burn process. The seven treasures Word. Originally from Scripture gold, silver, glass, lapis lazuli, Onyx, Pearl, rose seven gem. Qi Bao burn named after the works of both of these magnificent gem. Qi Bao burn crafts abroad is very precious. Still some excellent works of the collection in the British Museum, Lu brushed Freer Gallery in the Vatican Museum. It is said that China‘s cloisonne was through the Silk Road. From the West, Qi Bao burn quoted.Enamel. Beginning in the Tang dynasty. Flourishing in the Ming dynasty, cloisonne is the name of the Ming dynasty jintai era name (145,011,456) named after him.

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What is enamel jewelry

Making enamel jewelry, first of all to make an embryo. Embryonic material can be gold or silver and copper. Embryo production process is the use of inlay, sheet metal,welding, etc. For example. Embryo in a pinched wire, welding wire, wire embedded is the use of the above process. Because the style according to the design phase of landscapes, flowers and birds, the character modeling for production, processing. Enamel jewelry lies in a painting. Color are colorful. Cloisonné is dominated by bluepaint. Color also known as uranium. Its main ingredient was borax, saltpetre and alkaline. The metal uranium mineral is different. Colors will vary. If the iron was Brown, and uranium are yellow, chrome green, zinc white, copper blue, gold or selenium is red. … … Coated lewd material is fired. Cloisonné called burning blue. Then there isgrinding, product finishing crystal. Final plating. By this point, the end of theprocess.
Processing through enamel jewelry, like set a colorful gem, which is enamel charm jewelry. The use and function of enamel jewelry and other jewelry is the same.

What is jade jewelry, jewelry

What is jade jewelry, jewelry
Jewels jade jewelry is made of pearls, precious materials, such as. Jade, is in fact a kind of precious stones,
It has been carved into arts and crafts gem, so can also be referred to as jewelry. Jewelry material from two sources.
Is natural, the other is synthetic. High value natural rather than synthetic. Due to the nature of things
Rare, not artificial, and special gems like diamonds, emeralds, are required for thousands of years to form, which
Artificial synthesis have a special meaning, now a synthetic diamond, and jade, in texture, color, hardness, and on a natural match.

Jewelry, rings, bracelets, necklaces, and pendants., hairpins, ornaments and so on, because of natural jewelry materials
However, become interesting naturally • it’s style is vivid, Pearl necklace, style, leaf shape, style, track
, Crescent-shaped, longan, cotton, water, wave-shaped, crab’s eye shape, rabbit ear, Peacock-shaped and so on.
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Jewelry making has a long history in China, song dream Liang Lu volume 12 < > chronicled in “shop green”
Is the production and sale of jade shop. Ming dynasty unearthed from dingling heritage, has also seen a grain rough up the bosky Hill.
The heyday of the Qing dynasty is the jewelry industry development, especially the dry down the 60 years of the reign, the variety of gem materials, the number
And the essence of technology • unmatched by previous, at the Palace of the work in the book, there are many records about jade, from then on jewelry and jade carving into two categories, the Yangtze River attracted many craftsmen, Su, Yang formed two gang. Sue at jewellery industry, Yang helped specializing in jade production, and character styles, each so far.
jade jewelry
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Wear Cartier jewelry what is the meaning of

Wear Cartier jewelry what is the meaning of

Prominent literary spots during the three kingdoms Cao Zhi, in the Luo Fu, said: “Dai Jincui jewelry, Pearl shine body” this is telling us, wear the jewelry to wear: prefix and beautify the image of man, saying that, the Buddha to gold, the tailor makes the man “dress, can make people have attitude and color. Therefore, the meaning of wearing jewelry in order to decorate the human body.
But in ancient times, people in the struggle against nature, in order to beg to survive, made some defensive role designer accessories such as iron bracelet, annulus, ring of bone, which, to protect the legs from the invasion of harmful plant thorns, as well as to damage from foreign enemies. These worn, its significance is primarily in order to protect themselves. Ba Sutuo kafeier people in the tribe of Africa, Brazil’s Indians, on their legs. One arm over his still ringing metal bracelet, when brought together labor, these bracelets will be issued a regular noise, use of such accessories, is entirely from practical point of view.

Cartier jewelry

Wear Cartier jewelry what is the meaning of
The significance of wearing jewelry, in each country and between the various ethnic groups is very different, and each period also varies. For example, in some European countries, men and women fall in love, men offering engagement rings to lovers, they see jewelry as a symbol of steadfast love. In feudal China, jewelry is used to display the position, the most obvious example is the dingzhu of the country’s civil and military officials in the Qing dynasty, as stipulated in the ritual. A scale of one to nine, a product, accessories in East bead, carrying rubies, two items, small Ruby: carrying crenelated Peng butterfly, eight products, ornamental engraved, the golden dome ornament-free, nine, ornamental embossed, the golden dome.
So, people wear jewelry with all sorts of idle. Some people because of religion, took jewelry to obtain the grace of God. Some people consider expensive jewelry as a symbol of wealth and power. Some people regard jewelry as a keepsake or souvenir, and so on, for example, not all.

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What is jewelry
Jewelry is one of the oldest decorative arts and crafts. The original jewelry, dating back to the stone age humans. The mountain. decorations of human bones and gravelis an illustration. Chinese Jewelry have recorded the Hou Han Shu. Journal of clothing says “later Saints … … Animals and birds are the Crown angle, Shun, then a Crownsprouts mushrooms, jewelry , added: Qin Xiong princes, jiaqiwu jewelry as Jiang, ina high or low from these records, we can see that. Decoration on jewelry was the finger. And a position as a gesture. Of course, with the development of history. A change in content of the jewelry, today we are referring to the jewelry can be worn on ahuman body with a long, dress up role. Can also be used as crafts for exhibit viewing, jewelry is a collection of decorative and practical of decorative arts and crafts.
Cartier Jewelry
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Today‘s jewelry shops. Styles. Broken down by material: precious metal jewelry, imitation gold jewelry jewelry jade jewelry: broken down by purpose: ornaments, jewelry, fashion jewelry, wedding jewelry: broken down by object are: men’s jewelry, women’s jewelry, and so on. From jewelry of specific varieties for: has ring, and earrings, and necklace, and bracelet, and hanging pieces, and PIN, and led clip, and sleeve button, and Hairpin, and between Bell, and earrings, and anklets, and plug needle, and Cap spent, and the some cannot named of headdress, and hand ornaments, and sent ornaments, and arm ornaments, and leg ornaments ‘ nasal ornaments ‘ chest ornaments, and waist ornaments, and daily decorations (as gold pen, and lighter, and gold table) and so on.
From all over the world, due to the various regions and ethnic customs, history andbiography of seam is not round, forming various characteristics of jewelry, such as the North American jewelry, Western jewelry, jewelry in Eastern Europe, Arab jewelry,Japan jewellery jewelry, Hong Kong and Macao, Italy jewelry and so on.
In today’s society, using jewelry is good way to beautify life, rich taste. The future, with the improvement of people‘s living standard, people will pay more attention to the aesthetic sense. Craft accessories of jewelry will become to so many people.

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Since 1918, Cartier has created plenty of Tank series watch, but movement is usuallypurchased used at the time. This is Cartier‘s practice, whether movement is from theproduct home, EWC, a count, Abby, or ETA, undeniably Tank design elegance. Although 2012 Cartier has launched a Tank carrying MC movement Anglaise, but here you can see the table will become a Tank‘s collection of classic.

Inset of the small seconds at 6 o’clock and the calendar window at the 3 o’clock position
Tank MC is not modified or tribute to the early works of tablesit is a modern version of the Tank, with dimensions of the modern and contemporary movement. In size 44×34 mm (seems not so much) is that in case of excellent Caliber 1904 Cartier movement. Small seconds at 6 o’clock you can see inset calendar window at the 3 o’clock position, as arranged in Calibre de Cartier timepiece.
Face plate design, as always, well, put it on the handle is also very good
Face plate design, as always, well, wearing it the handle is also very good. As I mentioned earlier, this is a new generation Tank table fan to create the new style. It has no traditional TANK fans like thin casing and manualwinding movement, but it is no doubt very Cartier.
Watches are slightly curved to fit a wrist
Slightly curved to fit a wrist watch, large case is not a problem. The way you can seeit on my wrist. Cartier also provides some interesting, different color straps. This is asmall detail, but I loved it. I very much believe in the magic of transformation brought about by the strap, see Cartier think so very exciting.
Here you can see an automatic winding movement finished, I like the brand on theirhandling the Geneva stripes and polishing.
Grind Geneva stripes
Now, we‘ll look at details. Tank MC stainless steel and rose gold editions only two. Stainlesssteel version sells for $ 6,600, and very reasonable prices. Rose Gold versionis expected to price at $ 25,000. There are many different sides and strap are available, but now we have can go to the store, they figure.

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